Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kneaders Bakery in Surprise, Arizona

Chicken a La Mondo Salad
I've got a secret for you: my girls Steph from Conference Calls To Meatballs, Asha from Asha Butterflys - and of course, me (from Mommy Dove and Sassy Dove and all over the Internets) - rule the school when it comes to Surprise area blogging chicas. (Although I guess I need to be careful with blanket statements like that, now that I'll be an OFFICIAL BEAUTY CONTRIBUTOR for! Woo-hoo!)

As such, us ladies are, like, soooo in the know about what's hot in booming Surprise, Arizona. (Smell the sarcasm?) Seriously, though - Surprise is still growing and was known in the past for retirement communities, but that seems to be changing, as evidenced by the opening of the new Kneaders Bakery on Bell.

Kneaders is a super-cool chain that's a cross between a local bakery feel and a streamlined corporate process. The best of both worlds, if you ask me, since this translates to them having both fresh baked bread from scratch daily and a drive-thru. Score!

Salted Caramel Cheesecake at Kneaders
We got to attend a VIP event for the Surprise Kneaders' grand opening where we were treated to a full meal including your choice of sub or salad, bread, chips, and dessert. Yum! I chose the Chicken A La Mondo salad at the recommendation of the staff - divine. I will be trying ALL of their other salads.

Beyond that, I got the sourdough bread, the Parmesan chips, and - the piece de resistance - Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Are you kidding me? I cannot possibly express how delicious this was. I have dreams about it now and wake up feeling guilty.

I also loved that they sold lots of cute stuff in the bakery, like holiday decor, premade gift baskets handcrafted right there, and even jewelry. The displays were super cute too. I was so charmed, I returned the next day to try their coffee too. (Verdict: quite tasty. Hey - I had to check out the drive-thru.)

Thanksgiving decor at Kneaders

Beautiful tree with tempting ornaments
Have you been to the new Kneaders yet (or any of the older ones)? What did you think?


  1. We need to go back. Lunch Meeting. :-)

    1. Oh yes. Important business. Of coffee and pastries. *serious face*