Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Christmas List... In August

That's right - I made a Christmas list, in August. It's not my fault, really. My birthday is December 31, which means Christmas has always been the only time of year I get gifts. I'm not complaining, of course - I get plenty!

So let's just consider this my ongoing wishlist. I'm very into functional gifts, gifts that can help me enrich my life and my activities. If anybody feels like buying me a gift inside or outside of December, these are all great options!

  • An ice cream maker: I hate that it takes so much equipment to make various foods. It's my dream to make different kinds of ice creams for the whole family and really get creative with the flavors. Plus, I can make healthy ice cream with protein powder for me (since they definitely won't eat it). 
  • Ankle weights/wrist weights: I'm very into fitness, and I'd like to up the ante on some of the workouts I do where it's hard to use dumbbells. Donkey kicks, all those ab exercises where you lift your legs - even jump rope becomes that much more effective with a little extra weight.
  • A label maker: I love organizing. School supplies, the kitchen, my craft corner - they all get so much easier and nicer looking with LABELS!
  • A new laptop - being mobile is important as a blogger, and my current laptop's RAM situation is pretty dismal. I'm not considering that tablet/laptop combo stuff that's going around; my experience with 2-in-1 products has been poor. Think about it: 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, a TV/VCR combo... none of these have worked out well for me. 
  • A 2015 Lilly Pulitzer planner: as mentioned above, I'm an organizing, label-making, planning freak, and my current planner is beautiful - but it stops this December. Plus, I've always coveted the lovely Lilly Pulitzer ones. 
  • A Swiss ball: More workout equipment. These are so insanely useful!
What are you anxiously awaiting to find under the tree in 4.5 months?

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