Monday, July 7, 2014

Don't get rocked by a hurricane

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which had hurricanes like Dr. Oz has life-changing superfoods. (Which is to say, it has a lot.) In lieu of snow days, we stared at the TV waiting for the evacuation announcement. 

That photo over there? That's sand piled in 12-foot drifts across Highway 98 after Hurricane Opal. I lived less than a mile away when it hit - zoom this picture out a tiny bit and you could easily see our house. 

It was scary, fun, and a bit like camping - but now that I'm an adult, I have a lot more to worry about than a flashlight and a fresh set of batteries for my Gameboy. After living through the devastation of Hurricane Ike in Houston where going without electricity for 3 straight weeks was the least of my worries, I'll never underestimate the power of a storm again. 

Hurricane season is here now through November 30th, and we all need to take some steps to be prepared so we don't wind up standing on the roof. In a recent survey, nearly 60% of respondents said that they do not have a household emergency plan with instructions for household members about where to go. Yikes!

Check out the steps to take Before, During and After a Hurricane on, including:
o   Building an Emergency Kit (
o   Making a Family Communications Plan (

How to Prepare for a Hurricane Guide (from FEMA): explains how to protect yourself and your property, and details the steps to take now so that you can act quickly at a time when every second counts.

Don't wait until it's too late - prepare yourself and your family for the potential storms ahead. This is a PSA, but it could save lives.

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