Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Pickle Jar Makeover Part Deux

Welcome back to the most overly attended-to pickle jar in the world! I swear, this thing is probably the biggest spoiled brat (as pickle jars go).

When last we left, this pickle jar had a fresh coat of paint inside and on top, and I was wondering what to do next. Wally World helped me make the decision when they had some nice versatile slate-ish sisal on clearance. Done!

To affix it to my jar, I used a low-temp hot glue gun. I just put a small bead at the top and wrapped the sisal around, then did the same at the bottom. 

Tools of the pickle jar coddling trade

I used two loops of sisal at the top and bottom, but as I expected, the middle was still a little floppy and asymmetrical looking. 

You may like asymmetrical, but when it comes to decor, I'm a little OCD. I also don't like furry, and the more you work with the sisal the furrier it gets. Just shear off the excess hairy bits with your trusty scissors.

To give them some additional orderliness, I pinched two pieces of sisal together on alternating sides all the way up and stuck them together with a teeny bead of hot glue. It helped keep them (fairly) evenly spaced and gave it a little Moroccan exotic vibe for some reason. 

What do you think? A big transformation, considering his humble Vlasic beginnings! 

Now I'm on the edge of decision making, right between Just Enough and Potentially Overdoing It. The question is - do I want to append some interesting object to the jar top? What do you think?

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