Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Bathroom Makeover (or How To Jazz Up A Pickle Jar)

Since moving, I really haven't done much yet with my house. It's partially because I rent, and I'm a bigger fan of large-scale changes like painting and flooring which renters can't really do. It's also because it all costs money and well, I'm a cheapskate.

Still, my bathroom counter was getting out of control. My beauty blogger-ness leads me to have a LOT of products in regular circulation. I decided to make over my hairtie container (at the outset, it was a disposable plastic cup) and repurpose an old sun-and-moon toothbrush holder into a slick looking utensil caddy perfect for razors, makeup brushes, and anything long and skinny.

First came ditching the clutter. I went nuts and cleaned the whole bathroom, including the bathtub area. I stashed all the permanent goodies (bubble bath, my assigned bathtub soap and shampoo, Epsom salt) in my little shabby chic box and left only my favorite bath book, a vintage art instructional hardback with tons of photos and postcards stuck throughout that I dug out of my grandfather's basement. 

What to replace the nasty old plastic cup of bobby pins with? This is where my love of jars comes into play. I love jars. All jars. It's very difficult for me to part with a beautiful glass jar that we could easily scrub the marinara out of and reuse. Since I discovered Mod Podge, it's even worse. Nothing that could ever be remotely cute leaves the house without my consent. True to form, I had salvaged a nice old pickle jar, Vlasic-style.

I try to spend as little as possible on these projects, so I used an existing can of Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish in Dark Bronze to spray down the lid of the pickle jar and the whole toothbrush holder. Then I painted the inside of the pickle jar like Little Miss Momma describes with a free sample I got of Clark + Kensington's flat paint. I matched it to the Rococo color mentioned on the Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint site.

It was really easy - just dribble in a good amount of the paint (latex or acrylic will do) into the jar, swish it around until the whole inside is coated, then pour out the excess. 

Let it drip out upside down on some cardboard or something thick until enough paint is gone that the remainder will dry nicely inside. Move it occasionally (every 15 minutes or so) to let the goop out and keep it from getting stuck to the cardboard. 

Once the excess is gone, flip the jar over and let it dry right side up for a few hours. If you get any on the outside on accident, don't worry - it's easy to simply scrape off. 

I put clear acrylic sealer over both the jar lid and the toothbrush holder since I knew they might contact a little moisture (after all, it is a bathroom). Then after it dried, I took a tie off a small burlap satchel I've been holding onto and tied it around the base of the toothbrush holder so the knots lay artfully. Cute, eh?

You'd never know this mess is hiding inside:

Next up: making over the basket you see in the background there, and maybe adding something to the jar. I can't decide if it's shabby chic or muted nautical or maybe plain old French Country, so I don't know if I should add lace or burlap or a seashell to it. Any ideas?

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  1. This looks really nice...can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

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